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The Mississippi Civil Rights Museum has mainly concentrated on the period of the 1945-1976 and at the same time, it describes the entire history of the struggle for the equal right including the fair treatment under the concerned law. This is known to be the nation’s first state-operated civil rights museum. Generally the community meetings subjected to the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum were held in the year 2011-2012, It took in the several locations such as the Cleveland, Hattiesburg, Holly Springs, Itta Bena, Jackson including the Philadelphia in order to gather the creative ideas for the museum including the stories of the local folks who are involved in the civil rights movement. With the aid of the input which is gathered from the overall community meetings, scholars group including the MCRM advisory Commission. On the other side of the flip, they developed a well-developed plan for the museum too. A highlighted point is that both the stunning sculpture including the music honoring civil rights targets on the dramatic light-filled space. The folks are eventually engaged in the extraordinary struggle in order to make the US’s promise of equal rights of all..