The Mississippi museum that depicts the entire history of the Mississippi state is one of the finest places where people can gather to travel back to the time, not literally though. The museum has a lot of artifacts that are acquired from various places mostly from the early days of Mississippi Department of Archives and History (MDAH), which was founded in the year of 1902. Most of the featured items are bone fossils, military artifacts, and even a dress that of a Polynesian. The museum was opened in the year of 1961 in the Capitol city of Jackson and was operated till 2005.

Museum of Mississippi History

The Old Capitol was then completely restored and opened as a museum that depicts the history of the state. And it served as the Mississippi Government’s seat from 1839 till 1903. A new building was then authorized by the department to plan a new museum for the History of Mississippi. Gradually, the museum continued to focus on the materials to increase the artifacts as well as the visitors. Now MDAH holds one of the finest artifacts and collections of the state of Mississippi. This includes the rare 1818 twenty-star US flag, quills that are made by the slaves, an original Bowie knife, and artifacts of the prehistoric Native Americans.